Racebuilds - Fab9 EFR 6758 complete turbo kit

Fab9 EFR 6758 complete turbo kit


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My Fab9 EFR 6758 turbo kit is for sale. Comes with everything you see in the picture, which is the complete kit (all clamps and everything) with the 800cc injectors (no battery or fuel pump). I’m throwing in the turbo blanket too, which doesn’t come with a new kit.

Used for a single autocross season before my stock 2.5 started blowing past the piston rings. Dyno showed 367whp. I was faster in my NC than a better driver in a 500hp GT3. My built 2.5 plans fell through, so I decided to go with an LS swap instead. You can run this on a stock 2.0/2.5 for a lot longer, just don’t run as much boost as I did…

As configured, this kit is $5300 brand new (before tax).

- One of the intake elbows was modified for a better fit (the one with the bare aluminum segment). Before the modification, it would regularly blow off when in boost. I don’t know if newer kits have been tweaked to fix this problem.

- Another intake tube was modified to accept a pre-compressor PCV hose, and the MAF tube has an air straightener added to it.

- There is a bit of oil throughout the intake tract. When my 2.5 started blowing past the rings, the turbo had trouble draining due to the increased crankcase pressure. This shouldn’t be a concern with a healthy motor.

- The oil drain line should be replaced as its exterior coating has been damaged by the heat. The other lines are OK, but it wouldn’t hurt to replace them as a precaution.

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